Alyse McLeod

Alyse McLeod is a Cree/Métis Visual and Performing Artist. Alyse reflects her diverse roots going back to contact and beyond and can trace her heritage in all areas of Canadian history. Alyse is a direct decendant of the McLeod’s, McKenzie’s and Campbell’s. Proud to be Métis is a banner she proudly waves, as she shares this ancestry with the Riel and Dumont, families to only touch on a few. Alyse is a descendant of the great surveyor Peter Fidler; the Pauls’ and Deschamps’ of Passpasschase Reserve; the Fletts; the Bears; the Brazeaus; Boyers of Muskeg Lake Reserve; and the Mohawk line of Marie Nippissing and Thomas Gray from St. Regis Reserve (Mohawk Indian Reservation, Franklin County, New York, USA), “Keepers Of The Eastern Door.” Alyse can also trace her roots to those who fought at the Battle of Seven Oaks; the Métis “Resistance” in the Battle of Batoche; Veterans of WWI and WWII; to the Filles du Roi; and Jacques Enaud dit Canada, one of the founding families of New France. Alyse’s intriguing heritage is reflected in her work as a Métis recording artist, singer/songwriter, actress, visual artist, and author. Alyse has been featured on APTN and on radio, performed and/or spoken at numerous concert halls, theatres, Universities, “Back To Batoche Days”, Festivals, and the Calgary Stampede to name a few. Alyse founded Blue Lantern as a direct result of her own needs as an artist and performer. Her vision provides other artists with a way to present their work and achieve their goals. With the creativity of the "Artist’s Soul,” Alyse melds together the passion and romance of the story and the song. It is from this "Artist's Soul" that she is aware of the challenges and obstacles that are intertwined in the pursuit of a dream.

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