Confederation Park Ukulele Group

Our numbers have grown as this pastime is becoming very popular. We now number some 60 Strummers in our group. We play out of Rosemont Hall in Confederation Park.

We play and sing songs from many genres but mostly the happy songs that people can sing along with.

Our members are:  Rick Staple,  Rj Murray, Suzanne Tenold, Ellen Yeung, George Yeung, Ron French, Pamela Bazinet, Margie Gravel, Gerard Gravel, Linda Rainey, Lynn Whittingham, Judy Ries, JJ Jensen, John Burgess, Nora Maidman, Dee Stephanson, Shari Berridge, John Robertson, Angus and Chris Campbell, Sheila and Jerry Anderson, Fae Ericksen, Lyn and Hal Tonkin.