Norm Walker

Norm Walker is an eclectic acoustic "story-singer" and song and tune writer who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Original and non-original song themes, include (but are not limited to) urban legends, electrical theory, the Saskatchewan prairie, gardening, seasons, apostrophe abuse, literature, politics, community and family.  Writing and playing mandolin tunes is a favorite past-time.  He also sings many old-songs from the days of the 78s and before.   Guitar, mandolin, strum-stick or just a capella voice are the instruments of choice.  Throughout all, Celtic music is one of his main cornerstone points of reference.  Paddy Tutty will likely be joining Norm for his short set.


Two CDs released:

"T" Time - Time Tested Tales, Tall and True - 2002

Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts - 2011