The Irish Cultural Society Choir (ICS)

Founded in Nov. 1994, the Irish Cultural Society Choir has now been entertaining around Calgary for 22 years! Our objective has remained constant over the years - to have fun and keep the old Irish songs alive. We have delved through & sung hundreds of old songs & airs and found that to date, we have only scratched the surface of available material!

This group has sung in clubs, pubs, homes, halls, airports, cathedrals & churches. At full head-count we now number about 50 hearty voices. We comprise 1st & 2nd generation Irish folk .. and some with no Irish connection at all. All are welcome!

We are one of the few groups that has entertained at Water Valley every single year since the start and we don’t plan on stopping!

Being a versatile group, we branched out into Pantomime a few years back and this has now become a staple at the annual Irish Christmas Concerts at the Calgary ICS Centre.

Music Director Anne Cowman handles arrangements & accompaniment and Joe Massey is Voice Coach & Conductor.